Our innovative new app will ensure that service to clients is even more seamless

Here at Arrow Conveyancing we have launched a new app which is set to change the way clients exchange information and gain updates, streamlining the conveyancing process from beginning to end.

The app aims to reduce the frustration involved in the property buying process by giving clients instant updates and progress reports as and when they want them. No more hanging on the end of a phone waiting for someone to read notes and determine what stage things are at - this app will instead allow clients to access the information for themselves, even getting notifications when milestones such as the receipt of a mortgage offer have been reached.

We are a family run business who have been looking after clients across the whole of the UK for over 6 years. We focus solely on conveyancing rather than offering a wider range of legal services, so they are well positioned to know where the ‘pain points’ lie within property purchase.

That’s exactly why our Managing Director, Marie Moule, has been working hard on the development of the app behind the scenes for a number of years. She knew there was a better way to get crucial information to clients and make them feel more in control between acceptance of offer and final completion. Marie has said:

“It’s taken a while to develop this app exactly as I envisioned it, but it has definitely been worth the wait. Our clients can now see what is happening in real time and tell at a glance exactly where they are in their transaction. They’ll not only feel much more in control, but they’ll also save time in not having to call for updates. We’ll keep the communication flowing as always but it will be entirely at the client’s convenience.”

The app will even allow buyers to make payments electronically and, as it is developed, allow the upload of initial documentation such as ID, bank statements etc., removing the need to take these to branch or have them at the mercy of the post.

Of course, the provision of automatic progress reports will also allow us to use time more efficiently. Instead of spending hours on the phone updating individual clients, we can concentrate on the areas where we can make a real difference; keeping the pressure on everyone involved in the chain to keep things moving.

The app launch will give us a real advantage in what is a very competitive market - and one where good client communication can be a game-changer. As a company we have always tried to be transparent - even offering their services at a fixed cost - and this latest addition to their offering illustrates their desire to give clients a direct route to the information they need, whenever they need it.

The app is available for download via the App Store and Google Play! Simply search for Arrow Conveyancing.  


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Published on :  

January 29, 2024

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