We are a family firm. Everyone knows everyone and every member of the team is valued as part of our work family. We support each other and share in each other’s successes.

Getting the best out of you and ensuring we have the right environment in which you can flourish is our priority.

We have invested heavily in our training academy and developed our own in-house training courses which we combine successfully with external courses.

Our passion is conveyancing and we want to deliver the very best service to our clients with a happy motivated and dedicated team.

Why work at Arrow Conveyancing?

In house Training Academy

Flexible working offered

Relaxed (and motivated) atmosphere

Expert (conveyancing is all we do)

Clear career path

Personal development plan for every member of staff

Regular recognition (WOW awards, employee of the month awards etc.)

Our Core Values

To inspire those around us with confidence

To be positive

To innovate

To build trust in the relationships we have

To have fun

Social Activities

We are a social bunch at Arrow Conveyancing. We have a social committee who are given a budget each month to ensure we have a happy work place. They provide cold drinks, breakfast and a whole host of goodies for staff to enjoy whilst at work.

Every month we get together for a work social and of course celebrate as much as we can throughout the year. It is with great pride that we have many close knit social and friend groups at Arrow.


We give out WOW awards to members of staff that go above and beyond and every month we have an employee of the month award. These awards are handed out during our weekly staff meeting.

Current Vacancies

We are currently recruiting for experienced Conveyancers based in the East Midlands region to work from our Head Office in Leicestershire. If you are interested in applying, please email

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