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1. We do collect cached information about your visit to our website. These are called “cookies”. The device you have used to visit our site collates a copy of our website on that device. This helps you download and access our site quicker should you visit again. Furthermore, these “cookies” help us learn about how you use our website. You can stop this from happening by adjusting your browser settings. Shortly after arriving at our website we will add an ‘opt-in’ tracking cookie to your computer unless you specify otherwise.

2. If you would like to opt-in or opt-out of using cookies then you are able to do so. You can review your cookie settings at any time. If you do opt-out then an opt-out preference cookie will be added to your computer. However, if you reset your browser (or use a different browser) or use a different device, you may want to review your preferences again because the default position will be that “cookies” are created.

3. The first time that you visit our site, if you leave before confirming / setting your preferences, then the default position will be that “cookies” are accepted and the appropriate tracker will be added [this is standard for all websites and has no bearing / detriment to your device if accepted].

4. We will use various analytical means to determine information relating to the visits of our website. This information may include collecting your IP address [the unique code that your device has when it is connected to the internet] and the level of traffic that visit our site (along with key word searches).

5. None of the information collected enables us to determine anything personal about you. Unless you deliberately provide us with the information (i.e. you have contacted us through one of the means available), we will know nothing about you.

6. The point of collecting this information is to enable us to provide you with basic information that we may have published on our website (such as one of our blogs), to enable us to direct you to the correct team member and finally, ensure that we stay relevant and up to date with the services we provide you, as our (potential) client.

7. We may also use the information that we collect about you for marketing purposes e.g: to provide communications about us and other services we provide that may be of interest to you whether this be through Arrow Conveyancing Limited or one of the other EHL Group member companies:

(a)    To contact you about the areas of law that we offer;
(b)    To contact you to enquire as to whether or not you would provide a testimonial [in circumstances where it is appropriate for one].

8. These actions are simply us trying to ensure that we are able to offer / assist you, as a client or potential client and to ensure that we are developing and evolving as a practice. Of course, we acknowledge that not everyone wants to receive marketing and/or legal updates. As such, you can determine (and change your mind at any time) whether or not you want to receive these communications from us. Our system will acknowledge your preference and will update accordingly. Unless you do notify us that you do not wish to be contacted by us or one of the EHL Group companies, we will assume you have provided your express consent.

Privacy & Disclosure of your information:

9. Some of the information you provide to us (Arrow Conveyancing Limited) will be stored and retained by our system (whether our direct computers or our servers or our cloud backup system). At all material times, this information will only be accessible by staff [whether members, partners or employees] all of whom are based within the United Kingdom. We advise that because some of our servers are ‘off-site’ it may be processed by a third party but any process in that regard is solely at our instruction. At all material times, your information will be secure.

10. By submitting your personal information you agree to this transfer, storage and processing. We will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that your data is treated securely and in accordance with this privacy policy. We will not disclose any of your personal identifiable information to anyone else without your express permission to do so unless we believe that we should do so to comply with the law.

11. We categorically state that any information provided is retained by us. We do not nor would we sell any information collected. We are a highly regulated entity that complies with strict rules set down by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Liability and Warranties:

12. Without prejudice to statutory or other rights afforded to consumers the information and materials contained in this Site including without limitation text, graphics and links are provided on an ‘as is’ basis with no warranty and in particular we do not represent or warrant that the information accessible via this Site is accurate, complete or current, or that use of this Site is free of risk of viruses or other damage. Price and availability information is subject to change. Nothing in these terms and conditions shall restrict or exclude our liability to you in respect of any loss you may suffer for personal injury, death and in respect of the United Kingdom only fraudulent misrepresentation that results from our negligence or the negligence of our agents or servants. At no time will we be liable to you for any direct or indirect, special or economic or consequential loss of damage or loss of revenue profits goodwill bargain or opportunities or loss or corruption of data howsoever arising or incurred by your use of this Site.


13. Whilst we hope that you should never need to, in circumstances where you have any complaint about the service or the work undertaken on your behalf, we would ask you to first contact the fee earner who had care and conduct of your matter and see if your complaint can be rectified. If that does not work, then you are asked to submit your complaint, in writing, to the relevant Supervisor who will then deal with your complaint and revert back to you within 4 weeks. If for some reason your complaint is still not resolved at that point, it will be passed to the Board of Directors who will investigate and revert back to you. If at that point, you remain dissatisfied with the response and/or the process, you are invited to submit your complaint to the Legal Ombudsman. This link is the best way to contact the Ombudsman. Please note that the Ombudsman cannot be contacted until such time as the Firm’s internal complaints procedure has been exhausted.

Further Information:

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or how we handle your personal information, please contact

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