No-one ever wrote a song about ‘Moving Home for Christmas’

We’re all familiar with the dulcet tones of Chris Rea belting out ‘Driving Home for Christmas’. There’s a romantic notion in there about travelling home for the big day to spend quality time with family and friends.  But what if the ‘destination’ you’re moving towards is a house move and you’re trying desperately to prepare for that as well as keeping up the festive cheer?

It’s not an easy thing to do. Many people become so focused on getting the house move done in time for Christmas that they forget what that can mean in practical terms. Packing up your worldly possessions can be a massive undertaking without also having to prepare for one of the biggest social occasions of the year. And then there’s an expectation for Santa to visit and for long-held family traditions to be continued – there’s a huge potential for stress.

At Arrow we always like to remain positive so we thought that this might be the perfect time to spread a little Christmas cheer of our own. We’ve been helping people move for many years now, and we’ve put together some top tips to ease the tension which can come with having a moving ‘to do’ list on top of everything else.

Firstly, we highly recommend taking a moment to think logically about what the time between now and December 25th is going to look like. With a clearer picture in your mind you can start on your strategy to keep the Christmas magic alive. Then: -

1.    Think about the immovable dates and make sure these are in your diary – actual moving date, packing date, appointments with conveyancers etc

2.    Accept that this Christmas may be different from previous ones and embrace the fact that you may even create some great new traditions this year

3.    Identify small changes you can make to reduce jobs and free up time – people love gift cards, experience days and restaurant vouchers and they don’t involve battling through Christmas crowds to buy (gift bags over wrapping paper can also be a huge time saver)

4.    Move some social events to New Year when you’ll be in a better position to enjoy them – friends may even appreciate something in January to look forward to

5.    Make the most of the simpler things which can inject real festive cheer to even the most mundane tasks - Christmas tunes, mince pies and mulled wine can totally transform packing!

At Arrow we are all about family. We ourselves are a family run business, UK wide but based here in our home county of Leicestershire. That’s why we understand the importance of keeping family times special, even when there’s a house move in the mix.

Our service is personal and as straight forward as possible, keeping costs under control with our fixed cost and great value conveyancing service. With our refreshingly transparent approach, you’ll know exactly how things are progressing, leaving you free to ensure that Christmas stays special.

Whether this is your last Christmas in your old home, or the first in your new home, we wish you a very happy Christmas!

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December 13, 2022

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