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Moving house is a very exciting time but where do you begin? It can be overwhelming trying to prepare for the big move so we have put together a smart checklist to help you stay calm and organised.  

6 weeks before your move – get organised

Removals firm or hire a van and do it yourself? It is time to make a decision! If you are using a removals firm, confirm with them what packing materials they provide. If you are doing the move yourself then start collecting practical packing boxes – it is best to have a mix of sizes as you will need to pack heavy items in smaller boxes.

Declutter! Donate or recycle what you no longer need so you don’t end up moving items from ‘loft to loft’.  If in doubt, throw it out.

Look into external storage companies. If you intend to use an external storage company arrange this now and send your items straight away.

Pack the non-essential and seasonal items first. Things like books and winter clothes (in the Summer) can be dealt with sooner rather than later.

Create your own packing system. Labelling boxes according to the room they are destined in will save you a lot of hassle and mess at the other end.

One month before

If you are currently renting, hand in your leaving notice. Inform your landlord or the owner that you are planning to leave and give them appropriate notice. Being upfront and honest at this stage means that you may get a bit of flexibility in return should your moving date alter.

Go through our handy checklist of everyone you will need to notify about your move.

Get rid of large, unwanted items. You can contact the council and arrange this but you may be charged for it. Alternatively, sell larger items on Gumtree or eBay or donate them to a local charity.

When you have a moving in date

If you have any flat pack furniture that you will not need before your moving date, dismantle it now.

Confirm your moving arrangements with the van hire or removal company if you are using one.

Collect all the keys for your current property and label these for the next owner.

Clear out the garden shed, the loft and garage.

Inform your employer about your imminent move and book time off if needed.

Organise childcare and pet care for the day of the move. There will be a lot of coming and going in both properties and trying to ensure children and pets are safe will only add to the stress. Arrange for them to be looked after away from your home.

Send your new address to family and friends – if you let them know before you move you might even get a card!

Arrange for your mail to be re-directed with the Post Office. Whilst you have a list of organisations that you will inform directly there will be ones that slip through the net.  Signing up to the redirection service for a few months will ensure you do not miss anything important.

Don’t forget your online shopping accounts. Many people use one click ordering which has a default address – make sure you change this so you get what you order!

Change your home insurance. Ensure that the change means you are covered on the day that you move. It is worth double-checking your policy for details on any damage incurred during the moving process.

The day before

If possible, clean your new house before you move in, especially if there is flooring that needs attention. You will be busy with other things so it can be a good investment to get a company in to manage this for you.

Defrost your fridge and freezer ready for transit.

Complete any last minute packing.

Apart from the clothes and bedclothes that you will need for the next couple of days. Give yourself some clean clothes for the evening of your move – it is a messy business and you might appreciate a shower and change of clothes without having to unpack everything.

Make up a toiletries pack for your first night. Include toilet rolls, kitchen rolls and have a separate house cleaning kit.

Make up a refreshments kit for moving day. Include a cool bag for milk and a kettle and ensure you have plenty of soft drinks including water, coffee, tea, sugar and snacks, cutlery, mugs, glasses and plates. You might want to include a bottle of champagne and some glasses to celebrate!

Pull together a first aid kit for any mishaps that may happen during the move.

Pull together a bag of various sized batteries and lightbulbs for use in the new house.

Leave yourself a post it note on the inside of your front door to remind you to take and submit meter readings before you leave.

On the big day

For more top tips about moving, read our 10 essential things to remember on moving day.

Once you have moved in

Go back to your checklist – have you notified all of the organisations?

Get your will updated – particularly if your personal circumstances have changed with the move.

Contact your local authority: Let them know who and when you moved in. The local authority will need to send you a Council Tax invoice from when you purchase your property to coincide with the seller leaving.

Change the locks – this is a good idea as you don’t know how many keys previous owners had or handed out.


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December 13, 2022

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