How To Make Your House Search Easy

The search for the perfect house is an exciting experience, but it also comes with a lot of difficulties and can transform into a tedious and sometimes frustrating process. The only set factor that most of us have when it comes to the property search is the budget. Everything else is up to us, how many bedrooms, location, extent of a project we want etc. Because there’s so much to decide, we’ve listed the top four things you should know or consider when it comes to making your house search less stressful.


 Location, Location, Location


It’s so important, they named the show three times. It’s no question that one of the major players when it comes to a house search is location. It’s the first factor that sets off your property search journey and leads you into your new and exciting adventure. There’s always a dream location, whether it be a town, city or even a precise neighbourhood. It’s also a factor many of us aren’t willing to compromise on which can prolong the search and make it even more difficult.


To make the property search a little bit easier, it’s worth visiting the location you desire to learn about the area and neighbourhoods. Not only will this help you possibly narrow down your search but make you familiar with your potential area of residence. In addition, it could teach you about new areas that weren’t on your radar, resulting in the broadening of area for your search. Remember, location impacts the house price. So even if you’re looking at properties only a 20-minute drive from where you originally wanted to be, this can drastically impact its price.


Red Flags


Properties can have bad traits about them that we just ignore. Whether that’s due to excitement, lack of knowledge or we simply just glaze over them because we like the property. It’s always worth visiting the property you’re potentially going to buy a second or third time, as well as bringing a third party such as a friend, family member or contractor to see if they pick up on anything you didn’t.


Some property red flags are more visible than others, so you’ll need a keen eye as well as being a bit pedantic during your viewing. Some of the key points include signs of damp (peeling wallpaper, mould and condensation on windows), ensure all windows and doors close and shut securely as well as the locks. Also check power points as a lack of such in a space can be a taxing job for the future.


 Future Sell-ability


Whilst many of us believe we are looking for our forever home, when it comes to purchasing, we never truly know what the future holds. Whether that’s from relocating for work, moving into a bigger house to start a family or fancy a fresh new start, there are many factors both positive and negative for why people sell. When it comes to buying a property, you shouldn’t only be thinking about this big investment you’re making but any potential profits that could be made.


Will you be able to sell this property in the future? Either as it already is or from your own upgrades, you should consider whether someone else can live in this home. This not only refers to the overall appearance of the property but from its past listings e.g., was it on the market for long periods and if so, why? Perhaps check out the local area and try to identify any factors that may make people hesitant to buy.


 Grab Yourself A Bargain


We all love a cheeky saving, especially when it comes to buying a property in today’s current climate. A great way of doing such is going through other avenues such as auctions to buy either a home or a piece of land to build your home. Whilst properties at house actions are significantly cheaper, they do come with risks.


Homes from auctions are great for those keen to do a project and build their very own authentic home. Granted a bargain, it’s wise to do your research on the whole entire process of buying a house at auction. Firstly, visit a few auctions to grasp the process and gain an understanding of the bidding wars etc. Visiting the properties on auction is also very beneficially, especially if you bring a builder/contractor who can let you know of any defects both visible and hidden as well as the extent of the project. Furthermore, legal protection and savviness is key to ensure you don’t get stitched up. Have a solicitor look over auction packs and contracts.


Whilst a house search can be stressful, working with Arrow Conveyancing is not! Our team of reliable professionals will help you get the best price and offer you personalised guidance and assistance. We’ll sort help with all the documentation so you house buying process runs quick and smoothly. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quick and friendly chat.


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December 13, 2022

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