Coronavirus and Conveyancing

After months of working remotely, we are thrilled to be back in the office! The team have done a tremendous job working from home, and we are happy to report we have plans on growing the team even more.

Throughout lockdown, the UK Government has put out measures in place to boost the economy, including Stamp Duty Holiday and the Green Homes Grant. These incentives have assisted homeowners in deciding if right now is the time to climb the property ladder. Although it’s too early to tell the true influence COVID-19 is having on the housing market, it is clear that the SDLT holiday is making quite the impact.

The UK property market has enjoyed a mini-boom since reopening after the lockdown, and the government’s stamp duty cut could result in more people moving home over the next few months. It is important to note, the SDLT holiday only accounts for completed purchases until 31 March 2021.

During these times of big decisions, let us make one very easy for you. At Arrow Conveyancing, let us assist you with all your home buying needs and queries. We have a great team of experienced and dedicated staff to work with you, whether it be purchasing, selling or both.

Just beginning the home buying process and wonder what buying option is right for you? Have a look at our alternative home buying blog to see what purchasing method will work best for you. Arrow Conveyancing are regulated and licensed with the CLC (Council for Licensed Conveyancers) and currently place all property sale transactions for properties in England And Wales through our team of conveyancers in Leicester.

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December 13, 2022

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