Completion Day

Completion Day is the point in buying a house where everything is, well, complete!

It’s the day when buyers and vendors breathe a combined sigh of relief. All monies are transferred and keys exchanged, so both parties are free to get on with the next exciting stage – moving in or moving on.

Let’s face it, the celebrations will have been earned. After all the viewings, decision-making, negotiating and paperwork, it’s an amazing feeling to finally own the property you have been waiting for and start making it feel like home. And with the additional ‘Coronavirus challenges’ and changing lockdown restrictions, reaching the much-awaited Completion Day may have taken longer than usual (and required a much higher degree of patience and nerve!).

Completion day usually occurs anything from 7-28 days after the exchange of contracts. Whilst it’s possible for the two things to happen on the same day, it can be problematic. It relies on arranging removals at the very last minute and requires everyone in the chain to be 100% ready with no room for any hiccups at all. This potentially adds stress for buyers, sellers and their solicitors or conveyancers (diligently beavering away in the background on the day, legally confirming the transaction, completing necessary paperwork and transferring deeds) hence it’s not often encouraged.

Keeping things on track on the run up to Completion Day

There are a number of things which the Arrow Conveyancing team recommend to clients to keep the journey to moving day as smooth as possible. Throughout the process it’s all about organisation and communication, and when it comes to Completion Day itself, keeping on top of these becomes more important than ever. It’s easy to become flustered at the last minute (after all, there’s so much going on) but to keep the nerves or anxiety levels low we suggest a focus on the following key areas: -

Belongings - your personal possessions should be boxed and waiting by the door

Finances – these should be in one place and ready for transfer at the click of a button

Paperwork – all necessary documentation should stay with you, easy to access at any time

Timetable – ensure your understanding of the timings on the day match that of the other parties

Contact – you need to be contactable throughout the day (not a day to be low on charge or signal)

If you are a buyer, or perhaps even a panellist for a mortgage lender trying to juggle a number of purchases, Arrow Conveyancing can get you ‘over the line’ with the minimum amount of stress. We focus solely on conveyancing which means we are always on hand to make sure everything stays on track – even in current times when things may require a higher degree of patience.


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Published on :  

December 13, 2022

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